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Recent Progress in the industrial furnace and its development trend


       the boiler is an energy conversion equipment, the chemical energy of fuel to the boiler input  energy, electrical energy, geothermal and other forms of high temperature flue gas after the boiler conversion, exporting has a certain heat of steam, hot water or organic heat carrier boiler to produce hot water or steam can be directly provide the necessary heat for industrial production and people's lives can also be converted to mechanical energy, or the generator mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy through steam power plant. today, the new technology of domestic and foreign industrial furnace vacuum heat treatment furnace equipment and technology in the rapid development, and more for thermal power plants, ships, locomotives, and industrial and mining enterprises.

       in recent years, the vacuum sintering furnace are in the range of processing, temperature and installed furnace capacity, and control technology in the new progress in the industrial furnace for stainless steel, tool steel, carbide, ceramic, money-fe-b material sintered broad prospects for industrial applications. domestic research and development of the single-chamber high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace, convection heating the high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace brazing of aluminum vacuum furnace. foreign r & d vacuum gas furnace, semi-continuous and continuous vacuum furnaces, fluidized vacuum furnace, multi-purpose vacuum furnaces , ultra-high pressure high temperature vacuum furnaces, vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum furnace production lines.

        compared with the conventional equipment of the ordinary box-type furnace, salt bath furnace heat treatment, the characteristics of the vacuum treatment is evident, as early as has been recognized by the majority of heat treatment workers. kam-d this past 50 years, vacuum heat treatment has always been the development of hot spots of international heat treatment technology. in the past twenty years, china has also been a rapid development, research and application of vacuum heat treatment process throughout annealing, oil quenching, high pressure gas quenching, carburizing, nitriding, surface alloying, tempering, sintering, brazing , coating, cleaning, etc., has made considerable progress.

       electrically heated vacuum furnace gas high vacuum furnace productivity and high thermal efficiency; lower operating costs; easy maintenance; has all the characteristics of electric heating vacuum furnace. compared with intermittent vacuum furnace, semi-continuous vacuum furnace production efficiency can be increased by 25% -30% continuous vacuum furnace production efficiency can be increased by 40% -50%, in addition to the semi-continuous and continuous vacuum furnace heat loss less , high thermal efficiency, energy and materials (gas, oil, etc.), low production costs.

       for the future development of the vacuum heat treatment technology, has a broad view of the vacuum heat treatment is an efficient, high-quality, advanced heat treatment technology for energy saving, clean and pollution in industrialized countries production accounts for 20% -25% of the total production of heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, prospects for the development, the main development trend: since the 1980s, foreign widely used in high pressure gas quenching instead of oil quenching, to remove the cleaning process, to improve the quality of the workpiece surface. 90 early last century, the foreign countries has been in the development of high pressure gas quenching furnace, as described above, has also developed a working pressure of l00x10m ³, the operating temperature of 2200 ℃ high temperature and high pressure vacuum furnace to the development trend of temperature and high pressure will continue. widely used in the computer and microelectronics technology and networks technology, research and development of intelligent control systems and network management system to achieve a flexible and continuous operation of the vacuum heat treatment technology and equipment.

        plc in a vacuum heat treatment furnace control system used in the manufacturing industry, in order to make the necessary intermediate processes of industrial products with good performance, it is a branch of the heat treatment, the main purpose is to prevent oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece during processing. programmable controller applications of microelectronics and computer technology, a variety of control functions are implemented through software, as long as the change program, you can adapt to the change of the production process, and therefore adaptable. it is not only able to complete the logical operations, timing, counting, and arithmetic. thus can control the switch, but also for the analog control, but also with the computer into a network, to achieve hierarchical control. moreover, plc, small size, light weight, compact, short development cycle, installation and maintenance of small amount of work. therefore, industrial furnace in the microelectronics technology to transform traditional industries, the traditional relay control system, most plc replaced.


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